17 Fun Facts About Me

I hate the taste of Egg… I also find this so annoying!

I’m left handed.

I studied a bachelor of theatre performance at UNI.

Mascara and perfume give me headaches.

I have a huge phobia of crocodiles and sharks.

I don’t like anyone touching my neck (apart from my family 😅😜).

I am terrible at math… literally cannot work past 4th grade!

I was bullied at school.

I don’t like talking on the phone.

I’m afraid of the ocean.

I love the beach. Ha! Confusing I know!

I love coffee but can’t drink it. It gives me heart palpitations.

I enjoy American politics…. who even am I?!

I can’t get enough of summer. I love the heat.

My favourite colour is red. But I never wear it.

I cannot handle scary movies at all. I feel like I’m going to live the actual movie one day. I spend way too much time working out scenarios on how I would escape a killer.

I dreamt of being a mama since I was a small girl. I secretly played with my dolls until I was about 15.

Well there you have it. For now anyways. A girl doesn’t reveal all her secrets in one go… You’ll just have to follow on.

Jennifer X

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