Baby Essentials.

I’m at that age where everyone around me is having babies. If I’m not pregnant than I know at least three or four people who are. Just this year alone I have watched four of my students (whom I taught years ago!! wow!!) fall pregnant and start to have their own little families. It’s absolutely beautiful.

I have a very large family. For the past 5 years we have had three children born on each side. That’s huge. At the moment we are talking 21 children between James’ and my family!! 

Do NOT talk to me about Christmas shopping. 

Social media can be a great thing at times (obviously because I blog) and through it I have been able to see so many of my friends and family give their pregnancy and birth announcements and I’m fast realising women in my life must think I have all these ideas and knowledge up my sleeve for the best gadgets for baby. I get asked ALL the time, what I use, what item is best and how I go about discovering the best gadgets. It’s got to be because I have 4 children. This might look like I know the latest brands, the latest ideas and gadgets for baby. I DO NOT! I repeat, I DO NOT!!

But what I would like to share with you mumma’s and daddy’s are my top items you need as a first time parent, or really at any stage. Items I swear by. That make life economically easier in the long run.

You need to think ahead. I’m serious. Don’t think, ‘oh, we will just see how we go with one child.’ Chances are you will be having at least one more… or three… or four. Ok, I’ll try not to scare you. In doing this you will make wiser decisions on what pram you purchase, your car, your baby’s clothing and ultimately what type of home you will live in. Whoa, slow down Jennifer. Don’t worry, I’m not here to tell you what type of home to live in!

So based on these factors here are my top 21 Baby Essentials.

Phil and Ted’s Porta Cot.THIS IS MY NUMBER 1!!! We travelled all over Europe with (something similar but just found out they don’t sell anymore!). It folds down into a small bag size. You can take it ANYWHERE! We popped our bad boy up in restaurants, airports, you name it, we did it! And Scarlet Jean loved it.

Love to Dream Baby Zip bags. These things are a game changer!! No wriggly arms will be getting out of these bags. And you can purchase them Organic.

Selāh in the Love to Dream Zip Bag. 3 to 6 Months.

Sun Visor– The Outlook Auto Shade Car Sun Shade helps protect from strong sunlight, UV and glare. Car shades screen up to 90% of harmful UV rays with UPF 10+ rated fabric. Make sure you find something that fits the dimensions of your car windows. We have a SUV with very large windows. It’s been really hard to find something that works.

Coffee Holder– That attaches to your pram. It is sturdy and fits most cups and bottles. Trust me, you WILL need this for the sleepless nights. This is the one we own. It’s had a few beatings against the car boot and looks as good as new. 

A Pram Hook- That allows you to attach your handbag to your pram. It comes in handy when doing the grocery shop. You can’t keep your handbag in the basket at the bottom of the pram and have room to put your groceries etc in the bottom. You can buy a $7 one at Kmart. Or go for something a little more Earth friendly with these Vegan clipsfor just under $20!

Notice how the second pram seat doesn’t sit down in the basket. It’s a fantastic model.

A COMFORTABLE pram! – Here’s my very humble opinion on prams. You need to think about the future, more children, storage space and getting through doors! Also, research what prams have won awards, how easily they can collapse and fit into your car. Do the seats change around or are they fixed? I’m sure there are so many more great options out there now. I’ve even seen a pram that folds itself!! Literally!! Crazy! My pram of choice is the Baby Jogger. It has 16 different configurations and it grows as your family grows. That’s all impressive but what sold it for me was the pram seats don’t sit down in the basket meaning there is so much room for shopping, and little legs. It’s also won a heap of awards.

All my babies sat in this Bumbo, wee all except Noah. He was too chubby to fit. It involves baby at meal prep and eating times around the table. teaching them to sit up.

Bumbo– Say no more, you want one of these. So versatile and easy to take any and everywhere to prop up Bub once they can hold their head up.

Baby Monitor- If I showed you our old bunged up one you would laugh. Due to fear of embarrassment I won’t!! However. I have my eye on a beauty. Go for something that has split screens to monitor future babies also. The one I’m super impressed with is the Uniden. It can split up to four screens. Now you may not need that but think about the play room or if the children are watching a movie and you’re in another area of the house doing the ironing or cooking! Again. Always think of the future. 

Nasal Saline Spray– This little guy will become your new best friend for baby’s colds and sniffles. 

Bouncer/swing- Ah yes, sweet sweet relief from holding baby ALL DAY LONG! My babies suffer with colic and reflux for the first 3-4 months of their lives. Having a bouncer helps them to keep their food down, stretch out and mummy’s arms are free to do the other million jobs! Depends on what you like. Some offer the a vibration or song, while others are fancy with a swing that can rock baby to sleep. 

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Essential Oils– Let’s talk…. Essential oils. If you don’t have them yet, then you need to get onto them ASAP. My favourite range stock beautiful blends for baby. Click hereto see some of the incredible packs to help baby to be living it’s best life essentially ha! They are expertly formulated by aromatherapist, Sylla Sheppard-Hanger and essential oil chemist, Dr. Robert Pappas, with both safety and aromatherapeutic benefits in mind. Each blend addresses the most common needs of parents and children, and has an aroma your little ones will love! Always 100% pure, and never adulterated, these blends are bottled with your little ones in mind. They also stock diffusersto go with these little gems. They add a range of benefits depending on what oil you diffuse in your child’s room.

Humidifier– These little guys can be particularly effective for treating dryness of the skin, nose, throat, and lips. They can also ease some of the symptoms caused by the flu.

A Stylish Baby Bag- Because let’s be real, this will now become the only bag you ever use for the next 5-10 years! My favourite is from the Iconic. It’s a tan leather backpack, in fact it’s so stylish I would buy it just as an everyday bag. It has two side pockets and one with a tissue dispenser. So good! I love, love that It’s machine washable. Mumma you are going to need this and love it just as much as I. With little sticky hands, spilt drinks and everyday happenings. I have included a few others with differing price ranges. New Chic,Tiny Fox and Peakaboobaby. What’s more is they all offer Afterpay.

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Affordable Diapers and Baby Wipes – We have tried a few over the years, I used cloth for Noah and really loved it, however I found they were a little bulky. I’m certain they are better now. Some disposables and wipes gave my children rashes and were harsh. The best disposable nappies, that we love, are you ready for it…. ALDI. Mamiaare brilliant and you simply cannot beat their price from starting at as low as 14c per diaper!

Breast Pump – Man have I gone through my fair share of breast pumps!! Most have been rubbish. The one I’ve personally used and kept the longest is the Tommee TippeeIt has great suction and is super easy to pull apart and wash. Go check it out. 

Baby Carrier – This really is something you need to go into a store and try/trial before buying. We own the Ergobabyand LOVE IT! We recently took a day trip to the snow and I nursed Selah in it for 4 hours and it didn’t hurt my back for one second. And that’s saying something. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t have a good back at the best of times. It has brilliant lumbar support and you can wear your baby in it from newborn to toddler age. As for a few similar options, I’ve added them on here to make things easy for you.Take a look at BOBA X. The patterned designs are so gorgeous and boho. You can literally design your outfit around your carrier. I love that they don’t look like the standard black carriers. They are designed to carry your child for up to 30 months! The Lillebabycarrier can hold baby from newborn up to 20kg. What I really like about this product is that it the Hip Dysplasia institute has vouched that Lillebaby is a hip healthy product. 

Sudocream– Is phenomenal stuff! When Noah was born we tried a heap of different nappy creams and this was a HUGE stand out. I apply the stuff on all my children’s cuts and scratches also. Clears anything up in a day or so. Another alternative is making it yourself. I have made a beautiful baby cream for nappy rash. With Essential Oils. It’s so smooth, creamy and gentle on baby’s bottom (thank you Pinterest!). Why not make up a huge batch and have it ready for when baby arrives. 

Nail Trimmer – I don’t need to say much here. Baby needs his/her nails trimmed and so you need one! 

Bath Chair – What was I saying about my bad back… yeah, well this is a lifesaver of a product for me. I don’t have to bend over holding baby up and balance them with one hand and then with the other try to get your hand lathered in soap and wash them down…. NOPE! And that’s why this product helps me in my everyday life with my babies.

Baby Body Creams – I’m a little OCD when it comes to oiling my babies. I use olive oil, coconut, organic sunflower it’s all so wonderful on the skin. Recently I was gifted this beautiful baby care pack from my lovely girlfriend. It was a limited edition Doterra Baby wash, Cream and Diaper Rash Cream. I must say I was a little apprehensive, thinking I only wanted to use Shea Butter and gentle products and oils. IT WAS AMAZING!! It does have the Shea Butter already in there. We are using it not only on baby Selāh but all my bigger babies too! Click hereto check out Kel’s page and maybe ask a few questions or order in her baby pack. You won’t regret it.

Cot – Naturally you will need one of these unless you co-sleep. My only advice here is try to purchase one that doesn’t scream too much for one sex or the other. You want something versatile. For either a boy or girl. 

Clothing – This is the most exciting part of shopping for baby. ALL the cute clothes! If you aren’t finding out the sex (we don’t) opt for lots of unisex colours. Terracottas, mustard and creams are right in at the moment and perfect for baby. Some of my fav places to shop for our babies are our-folkChildren of the TribeFin and Vince, and Luca the Label.

So there you have it. My top finds and loves for 2018! What are your top baby essentials?

Happy shopping and enjoy this season. It truly is a magical one.

Jennifer X

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