Christmas Traditions

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s it folks, Christmas. What better way to celebrate than planning some family traditions for the season. My kids absolutely love everything we do in the lead up. As their mother all I want to do is create magical moments and watch their little faces light up. Traditionally our first activity was to put our tree up on the first of December, however with two Christmas babies we felt it would be easier to put the tree up in November, ultimately enjoying it longer.

Here are the top things we like to do over the holiday. We tend to do a 12 Days of Christmas type thing. Feel free to take any of these suggestions or find something that is your very own… and mark it as something you do each year.

Oh, and on the 1st day of December we gift the children Christmas pajamas and a Chocolate advent calendar. With this, also a new Christmas story book to add to our growing collection.

Our top 12 are in any order. I pick what we are going to do depending on the day ahead. For instance on Scarlet or Noah’s birthday we are super busy celebrating them so it might be an easy activity like donate a toy to those in need.

  1. Christmas crafting whilst listening to Christmas carols.
  2. Watch a Christmas movie
  3. Drive around and look at Christmas lights
  4. Buy a toy each from Kmart to donate to those less fortunate
  5. Go to some Christmas Carols
  6. Build a Gingerbread house
  7. Take a creative (thanks Pinterest) Christmas photo of the kids for our Christmas card
  8. Make Eggnog
  9. Get our baking on to give as gifts to friends and teachers
  10. Family Christmas games night!!! My kids LOVE LOVE THIS!!
    • Pin the red nose on Rudolph, Roll the dice to create a snowman… first to make the snowman wins! 
    • Mum and dad create Christmas trees out of the kids, we wrap them in ribbons etc and judge who did the best job. 
    • Scoop the candy canes up with one in your mouth, having to hook the remaining in 30 seconds! There are so many fun ideas!! 
  11. Read the Christmas story every day from the 1st of December

   12. Have a special family meal, devotions and watch the carols on television 

Well that’s our list that we do every year. I’m always keen to change things around or add something in. In the future when my children are older I want to take them to a soup kitchen to serve others in need. Each season has something different as a family. Make it a special one friends.

I would love to hear what your family traditions are?

Jennifer X

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