Dear Noah, On Your 7th Birthday

Dear Noah James,

When you were born I imagined what you would look like as a boy. What you would love. Would you be a dreamer or thinker, a creative or intellect. It’s been nothing but a pleasure sitting back and watching the way God has created you to be. I have enjoyed watching your love of drawing and sport strengthen. You’ll find any scrap pieces of paper lying around when we are all out just to draw something you have in your mind or something you’ve seen. This year has been soooo much fun watching you create your own movies using the iPhone. 

Noah thank you for making me a mother. Thank you for fulfilling my life long dream. You are my son, my first born. I’m eternally grateful to God for the role He has bestowed upon me. I enjoy chatting with you. You love a good snuggle and chat with me. I love how gentle and respectful you are to your little sisters. Your patience with them, when they ask you to help them is something to marvel at, learn from really. You always have time for them. Something I really really enjoy is when daddy gets home you can play a lot rougher. And the martial arts kicks in and the imagination runs wild… from Star Wars to dungeons and dragons you and dad are rumbling and tumbling. I love watching this.

Noah you are a very honest child and look for the good in everyone. If anyone is unkind to you, you will always excuse their behaviour to me. My son, you are a far better young man than I am woman. I pray it remains that way. I pray your friendships are true and loyal. I pray your heart is guarded because you love deeply. Let your sensitivity serve to your strength. Understanding how others feel. I pray for your life, may the Lord bless everything you touch. May He bless your hands as you work hard for Him alone. Noah we pray this year you will grow in your faith and knowledge of God. Nothing has brought me more joy as a mother than when I catch you on your knees praying to your King at the foot of your bed (literally). What this does for my mother’s heart. All I can do is raise my arms and thank God for His great love and kindness. You are a leader, you don’t run with the pack. I like this about you. It’s a strong asset to have. You give me a reason to live, to be a better person and to work so hard at loving you and training you to be the best man, husband, father, friend and Christian you can be. 

Stay close to God never stop loving Him, walk with the Lord just like Noah did in the Old Testament. Stand for what is right and true. 

And my boy, my champion know this, I would give my life for you over and over again. (And your sisters).You are our morning joy and evening delight. 

Here’s to turning 7 under the protection of the mighty King of Kings.

My little warrior. 

Depths of love,

Mama and Daddy. X

(Photos are the past year 2018).

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