Fajita Seasoning

We have a Friday night tradition in our family. Taco and movie night! And it’s the best. I wait all week for snuggles on the lounge with my little people and big one! ha!! Watching a movie and relaxing together. But before the movie we love a good Taco. It’s such a family friendly, cost effective meal. I love how we gather around the table together and chat with the side remarks of ‘pass the cheese please’. or ‘Can I please have the sour cream?’ SOOOO sweet.

James’ favourite seasoning is Fajita. And there are no rules when it comes to tacos (except you must have Guac) and different Mexican seasoning. So who cares that we use Fajita seasoning with Taco shells.

Recently I threw a luncheon Mexican style, so our humble Taco night was vamped. It’s so easy to throw a Cactus on your table or mix and match bright colours to delight the eye. Mexican is always a lot of fun. Have a look around the house and grab bits and pieces to set the table just right. And the idea is to literally have items that don’t match. How easy is that!

This is a child friendly recipe, also good for those people who struggle with chilli. I find with seasonings and curry pastes all you need to do is add fresh chilli yourself to make it your own. Have a bowl of fresh chilli’s diced on the table. Those heat loving fanatics can go for it! That way everyone is covered.


5 teaspoons chili powder. (optional or less)

5 teaspoons paprika.

5 teaspoons garlic powder.

5 teaspoons cumin.

3 teaspoons dried oregano.

4 teaspoons sea salt.

3 teaspoons fresh ground pepper.

Place into a sealed jar and shake well before using.

Jennifer X

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