Just A Moment…

If I sneak up stairs now… If I set my children up with a game or activity I can run away, for a moment to be with you. I just want to be with you. I want to sit with you and hear your voice. Feel your presence. I need you to get through my day.

Sounds like a romantic novel or the beginnings of a new relationship doesn’t it. These are just my own thoughts towards God.

A few years ago when I had thoughts and prayer requests come into my mind I would think to wait until I was alone, in my quiet time and speak to God then… the result being once I sat down to spend time with God- I didn’t remember anything that was on my heart or in my mind to talk to the Lord about.

Why couldn’t I take a moment? Why couldn’t I stop, be still and ask Him that question? Or for help. Or praise Him for something incredible He has been doing in my life or others. I had to keep business (or the busyness of life) seperate to God. My time seperate to God time. I didn’t have to do that. I didn’t have to have seperate my day. You can be a structured person or a go with the flow kinda person. The fact is if you don’t have Jesus with you in EVERY SINGLE MOMENT you have no hope of succeeding in your day let alone your life.

Let me ask you this… why would so many thoughts or requests come into my mind to speak to God? When’s the right time to have alone time? When’s the right time to steal a moment with your creator? To seize the day, carpe diem!

The answer is plain and simple my friend. AT ANY MOMENT! You need Him to breathe, to have life, your whole entire being, your purpose is made to glorify and magnify Christ. And when you can give Him your day, your hours and minutes and seconds, if you can surrender all of that to God. If you can say ‘Lord I need you. I need you to help me to get through my day.’ You’ve taken the first step. So it’s good for your soul to steal a moment to praise Him, to thank Him for the day He has made, rejoice my friend. Be glad in it. If you find your day is hard and too difficult to get out of bed or even leave the house or perhaps have that conversation with someone who only causes hurt or harm, I say firmly in love, go, run!

Run to his arms. And tell it all to Him. He already knows but He wants you to have a relationship with him. So speak to Jesus and ask Him for guidance. Ask Him to make your paths straight and you will see. Oh reader, sit back and watch the Lord work His majesty and wonder in your life.

Sometimes it’s as simple as getting you through the day. Getting you through all the housework, the teaching, parenting, working and dealing with what life throws your way. Other times He will touch your heart and soul so tenderly and heal you from deep within that no human can do! No psychologist, no councillor no matter how trained could give you what He can.

Once I figured out that God was prompting me to speak to Him at any time of day, I did whatever I could to be alone with him. Like a lover, was the Lord to me. I would run to my car to ‘grab something’ just for a moment with Him. I would leave early for an event to park and pray. Anything just to find Him in my heart. Hear me when I say reader I still struggle to run to Jesus first. I’m a work in progress and Jesus is refining me everyday. However, when I do get it right it’s the reassurance the Spirit brings to comfort me and find order to my life.

So, what am I saying in all my ramblings reader? My thoughts are this. Run to the arms of Jesus, over and over again. Choose Him. Steal moments in your day to just read a bible verse, say a prayer, commit your day to Him.

But sometimes I don’t get a break with the children? That deadline has to come in. I need to do this first. I have to, I must, soon… and so on. Don’t allow the lies of the enemy to convince you that things will be better once you do everything else before coming before the alter. GO NOW AND THEN THESE THINGS WILL FALL INTO CORRECT ORDER. Honour Christ and He will honour you.

I know, I get it. Life is busy and you are needed the second you open your eyes in the morning. Might I encourage you to set a healthy habit friend. As your eyes open, as your body begins to awaken in bed ready to begin a new day, awaken your heart, soul and mind with this simple prayer.

Christ First
Over and over again
I choose You
I commit my day into your keeping
I commit my family and my dealings
Take charge
Protect me and my family

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble of heart; and you will find rest. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”
—Matthew 11:25-30

Jennifer X


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