Medieval Fiare

Do you like to put outing’s in your calendar early? Maybe set a reminder when an upcoming event is on? I have something for the whole family… You MUST save this one! Really! I’m serious. St. Ives Medieval Faire is an outing not to miss. I was following this fair on Instagram about a year ago so I would be able to purchase the tickets and not forget.

As we approached the grounds we saw the lineup of cars parked kilometres away! Our conversation went along the lines of the SAME discussion we’ve had in Australia, Europe and America when we travel. James stating we will have to park miles away and walk with a pram and carry a child or two. Then I reply with ‘ just drive up to the car park and see, everyone else is probably thinking and doing what you’ve just said…’ and I kid you not…. Success (so far) every time! WOO HOO! 

After we parked (in the carpark haha!) James loaded the babes into the pram and gave them some morning tea, I breast fed Selah and we watched the crowds stroll in, in full costume.  The background sounds were trumpeters, adding to the royal feel. We were getting really excited right about now. 

When we entered the park we were met with the same trumpeters and a castle entry way. 

We walked through the makeshift drawbridge and what felt like a walk back in time. Immediately we could smell wood burning in fires around the park. At first I thought they did it purely to add to the ‘vibe’. Surprisingly as we walked on we discovered the actors slept in the venue for a few nights. In their very own fifteenth century tents and housing. They cooked all their own meals over the fire. And THAT’S WHERE THE SMELL WAS COMING FROM! 

I actually couldn’t believe my eyes, as we walked up and down the fair grounds there were viking tents and small wooden homes created to look identical to the ones from the middle ages. I kept saying to James that I felt we were on the set of a movie.

Wondering around, I was lost in the tapestry, leather printing, cannons being fired and weaponry. One of my favourite moments from the day was watching the actors line up for a typical Medieval Lunch of ham, bread, strawberry salad and fruit. I was clearly salivating at this point. If you book early, there is an option to add on a real treat which is the king’s banquet. They serve up a suckling pig and many sides, wine, beer and ale. This is something we would like to try in the future. It then becomes a VIP pass, getting you into the prime position to also watch the jousting, birds of prey and knights battle it out on the field.

It’s pretty obvious that this day is HUGE! You definitely get what you’re paying for. The shows to watch, things to participate in impressed us. The fair really is aimed for everyone! A whole tent of crafts for the kids, petting zoo, Unicorn photos, a small gymnastics tent run by instructors, puppet shows, a circus tent and a wide variety of delicious foods and ale you can all enjoy. 

Every corner we turned we could hear the choirs singing, drums playing and lectures on fighting and knights. To make it easier, clickhereto see the program we had for this year. 

Told you didn’t I! It’s very impressive! 

So go mark this outing in the calendar and prepare the family for a brilliant day out.

Jennifer X


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