My Tips For Family Photos

Noah’s First Christmas. 6 Days Old

Whether you’ve hired a photographer or using your own camera or trusty iPhone (we all do most of the time) family photos can be daunting. BUT, if you come at it in a positive way and only spend a good 15-20 minutes taking photos that is more than you’ll ever need or want. The trick for children is to take these photos fast and with excitement. Let your children know they are doing a brilliant job. We take Christmas photos every year. We do it ourselves and no doubt they are far from professional – however we always get what we are after. The look, the style, the idea. Here’s my top tips for a relaxed and fun photo session no matter the occasion.

Matching Pyjamas from The Gap

BE PREPARED!! You must! No use turning up to a place and then deciding it’s not the right location, drive around then once finally decided on a place take another half an hour to set up and make everyone look good. The children will be over it before the camera has even made an appearance.

  • Find location
  • One parent maybe go ahead and set up while the other is calmly getting kids ready or giving them some morning tea (do not have them eat with their ‘photography’ clothes on).
  • Pack comfy clothes to change into afterwards and yummy snacks
  • Make an outing out of it…. This year we took the Christmas photo at the beach and then after changing the children we continued on for a picnic and swim

Talk about the photos for a few days leading up. In a very happy, positive manner. Get the kids on board!

Chat about what each of them will be wearing, try the clothes on first, you don’t want any wardrobe malfunctions. Hang them in a special place so the children see how special these photos will be.

If they are old enough to understand explain to them in a drawing or photo what type of photo you are wanting this year.

Make a big deal about how lovely they look! Once ready for the photos spoil them will words of love and encouragement. 

Show them exactly where to look in the camera… make sure you do this before the ‘photo day’. Have some practice shots.

Aquila’s First Christmas

Make sure you get the children to look at particular objects to get the right angle.

Have Fun, candid shots are best and having fun will do this for you!

REWARD Your children for their wonderful efforts. Explain before you go that if they work hard, listen and do the right things they will be rewarded… any way you like. For us it was a picnic followed by slurpees!! Oh yeah!!

And stay relaxed folks! Keep happy and enjoy this time. They are little for only a short time, take in every moment with them.

Happy Snapping!

Our Christmas Photo 2017

Jennifer X

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