Out My Window

Hello Dear Reader,

I’m writing to you 35,000 feet above sea level. Coming home from a short stay in Coffs Harbour. And the views above my great country are always spectacular. Those pristine waters along a golden coastline are breathtaking.

I find it remarkable that the waters know where to stop. The path has been paved and they stay on its course. They travel it perfectly. They come in and they go back out. They go no further. How do the waters know the path to take? The journey back and forth for thousands of years?

I look out my window and I’m awe struck by the pillars of clouds, so large and so soft. As a child I imagined falling into the large cotton candy types and feel the softness under every part of my body, imagining the clouds forming around me. Expecting those clouds to know how to catch and hold me perfectly. As we grow our understanding of cloud formations develop and our dreams are soon dampened by science and reason. But when you are flying slowly past the vast cloud formations, seeing their dazzling white brilliance, science tells me they can hold thousands of tonnes of water. This too baffles me, they hold this weight without falling to the ground in a catastrophic heap.

I see the beauty in the mountains that rise high up, they look as though they can reach the clouds or the tops of the sky. Covered in a canopy of green. But not just one colour, the greens are lush and bleed into one another with a thoughtfulness to detail. Surely there is an artist to this landscape. The sea of green could fill my children’s pencil container four times over. Just one colour, many shades. How can the blends of one colour depict the worlds greatest artistry?

As far as my eyes can take me. As wide as they can see, I behold the caramel flat plains below and on the horizon my mind flickers like the pages of a book- trying to decipher all the kinds of living creatures that live and survive our harsh conditions in Australia. I cannot fathom how they not only live but actually thrive in such conditions.

My short plane flight has me seeing but the smallest percentage of my country let alone the magnificence of the entire world. I’ve been meditating. My friend I don’t stop writing here. I don’t finish wondering. I don’t sign off perplexed about the makeup or my world and the designer of it. I don’t look out to see a fog of cloud in our decent with confusion in my heart or mind. No, these small things alone, the creation around me, above and below. Directs me to a great artist. Who had a canvas and decided to paint the most brilliant piece of art any eye has seen. An artwork no one can come close to accomplishing such inspiring, heaven focused, earth proclaiming majesty of Jesus Christ.


It is all Him, with but a word and it was so.

And then, he died for it. 

Stand and allow Him to encompass you and hold you perfectly.

Jennifer X


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