Scarlet Jeans Dedication and 1st Birthday

In honour of Scarlet’s 5th Birthday coming up I thought I would share her dedication with you. For as long as I can remember I have always loved the name Scarlet. I dreamt of having a daughter and what it would be like. And sure enough the Lord has been kind and granted me three daughters to date (and one wonderful son). 

Scarlet is the name we chose for our first daughter. In Exodus 28:5 the colour was used in creating the tabernacle. The name was a royal colour of God. It was used to display royalty. My girl is definitely a princess of the most high God. Her middle name is Jean, named after my middle name. Meaning ‘God is Gracious.’

So in going with her colour scheme and having 100 friends and family attend on a budget we began by buying white material from a small material shop in Marrickville. Don’t ask me where… it was five years ago and I have no idea. This material was to dress the long tables and to hopefully use at other events we might be hosting. I then went into bunnings and bought rolls of hessian to cut as the table runners. Leaving me with just one last thing to set on the tables, it was a little boring after Noah had the cool wooden boats and life savers scattered. A few days before the dedication we went to the local markets and bought a heap of large apples. They were scattered evenly along the tables, giving that extra pop of red we were after and something the guests could eat! Win win!

We sent out Scarlet’s invitations hot glued to some hessian to tie it in with her party and of course sealed with a Red Bow. I was and still am in love with these invites. No one knew but just a little detail I loved was my brother used the same font from our names in our wedding invitations to write Scarlet’s name in her invites. I love details like this. 

Scarlet’s Invitations

Another one I cannot pass is I had the same dress maker who made my wedding gown make me a dress for the dedication. Using linen and lace from Paris, made in the 1950’s!! What!!! Seriously, I know. We cut enough of these materials to have my girlfriend make Scarlet’s outfit to match mine! And to finish off her romper I gave her my ribbon I used to wrap my bouquet in. Stephanie delicately placed it around the collar of Scarlet’s romper, wrapping it around the back to create a beautiful bow. I mean, really!!! Whoa!!

Back to our day. Because we like to have our children’s dedications as a small service we again provided a simple order of service.  My cutlery, ribbons, pom pom decorations were all bought on Ebay. Seeing that Scarlet is a December baby (Christmas) it was super easy to find red baskets and bits and pieces from cheap craft shops.

We had a kids candy table again. I used jars from our wedding and wrote exactly what was there to make it easy for parents to make a decision on what their children were allowed to have. Also!! So important, we had a very simple lunch menu for the kids. American hot Dogs, served with Ketchup and Cheddar Cheese. This was brilliant for everyone. No wasted adult food that way. After the service, James and I popped into the kitchen and began the process of bringing out all the food. Look closely at the menu James made… AMAZING!! So while we set out the prawns, salads and a WHOPPING 14 Frittatas (I’m serious, I made them all and we didn’t eat Frittata for about 2 years after this party! haha!)

I had a beautiful grazing table set up for the guests to enjoy. Only regret, not getting a photo of the set up complete. However, I’m sure you get the gist with the photos I have.
To make things as simple and flowing as possible I had 5 drinks on tap. Watermelon Water, punch, Lemon Lime and Bitters and Peach Iced Tea. Simple and easy to refill. I kept an esky close by so James and myself could refill.

Who could resist a beautiful Red Velvet Cake layered with Cream Cheese Frosting for anyone by the name of Scarlet. It’s as if this cake was created for her. Simple and exactly what I wanted.

The sermon was lead by our wonderful pastor Dean. He is the Pastor at The Refuge. A wonderful man of God. James’ parents dedicated our girl and prayed for her. 

Like any event, I’ll say it again, be prepared and you will not stress! I promise you this. James and I booked the hall knowing no one was using it the day before. This gave us ample time to set up everything!! And on the day you have plenty of love and support from friends and family with the pack up… especially after being fed some good grub ha!

I planned this day from the day (yep!) Scarlet was born. I had a vision on how I wanted to celebrate my baby’s Dedication and 1st Birthday. The day was beautiful from beginning to end. We could truly feel the Spirit of the Lord with us as we glorified Him and gave our precious daughter into His keeping. 

On the back of Scarlet’s order of service we had a quote, a prophecy over her life rather. From a lovely friend. 

‘Scarlet the best colour of the best wine the Lord gave miraculously at the wedding in Cana. May she be God’s finest vintage, an embarrassment of riches.’Mark Crean.

Jennifer X

Fresh Prawns and House Made Frittatas.

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