The Things I wish I Knew In My 20s

Pray, pray often. This will set you up for life. Open communication with God. Prayer is the fuel that will drive you, motivate you in the right direction for life. Whatever you do, wherever you go, prayer will sustain you and bring you to a deep sense of satisfaction.

Listen to your intuition. If you feel like something isn’t right. Don’t go ahead. Learn to WAIT.

Run from toxic people. I repeat RUN! I’ve spent too long, too many years trying to be a people pleaser. Learn that not everyone is going to like you and heck there are some WACKOS out there. I’ve seen it all. Stalkers, identity thief’s, nasty people, liars. Run from them! You’re busy washing your hair the day they invite you over. I’m only looking back now and realising all the red flags I have ignored because I felt sorry for someone or thought, ‘I’m sure they are better than I’ve already seen.’

That same intuition for where you are going to work. Life is too short if you are in an environment that doesn’t give you enjoyment. 

Observe your surroundings. See where you might be needed to love and serve. Step in where you can.

Pray for true and lasting friendships. Rooted in the Lord. 

Stand up for what is right. This doesn’t mean you need to fight or argue. Show kindness and be quick to listen. Understand where others are coming from but never settle for what you don’t believe in. 

Work hard! Chase your goals. 

Set achievable goals. Buy a car, house, travel, go to the gym regularly, look after your body and mind.

Save your money. This economy is only getting worse. It can be tough. Start saving now!

Eat healthy and exercise. Start the habit now and you won’t be struggling as you get older.

Find a great church. Church family are wonderful. You need to put down roots there and establish friendships. 

Learn from your elders. It’s really important to have friendships with older people. Watch how they live their lives, observe how they parent. Learn, listen to them. Watch how they maintain friendships and process difficult situations. And friend, ask them to pray for you. Allow them to be a mentor to you. 

Understand you won’t get everything in this world. Nothing is handed to you on a silver platter. You will hurt, you will struggle. Seek and strive to give all matters to God. All your dealings so that you can be transformed daily.

You gotta be a team player! Don’t be a selfish person. Don’t think about what you can gain in life. Think about your job, your community, those around you and make sure you get in there and play fairly. 

Give. Be generous. You can when you’re young and single. After your studies and you’re working full time, put money aside to give to those in need. And bless people around you. 

Rest! Make a sweet tradition of your Sabbath. Churching, family time, invest, love and sow into your community

Read your Bible. Particularly Proverbs. Oh heck, anything is brilliant. Make it a daily routine. Like oxygen to breath, the Bible is what your soul and heart are longing to have. To live. To live your best God given life. 

Do these things my friend and your life will be blessed and steady no matter the season. I can promise you that. 

Jennifer X

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