The Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide!

Father’s Day is literally around the corner! Next weekend in fact! How many of you give the same thing every year to your Father’s or husbands? The undies, the socks, maybe some fishing gear… let’s be real, it’s easy, most of the time they are in need of these items. I’m guilty of giving these little items over the years too. I mean who can say no to $2 undies from Kmart?! Come on!! I love a good bargain. Today I want to show you a few places you can buy the regular socks and undies as gifts but with a little more pazzazz! 

There is also other ways of giving affordable gifts that are a bit out of the ordinary or perhaps you assumed they were not in your price range or you may not have even had the idea before. Well ladies and gents I’m going to give you a list of varying gift ideas. Some for kicks and some very sentimental ideas. And the key, if you find it on a website or store and it costs a heap MAKE SURE YOU GOOGLE OR CHECK EBAY!!! Quite often there are alternatives or cheaper deals on the same item. And please don’t forget Catch of the Day. That’s a game changer right there!

Why don’t we start with the really sentimental items first. Recently James gifted me a gorgeous mapof the stars from the night of our wedding day. It’s so romantic, we framed it and it’s in our formal lounge. A real keepsake and huge brownie points for either him or her really but we are supposed to be focussing on dad, so for him it’s a great idea. An online store most people have heard of is ‘Hard to Find.’ It’s my go to for something different. The ideas are endless and again I will repeat, if you like a product look elsewhere before purchasing. Just to make sure it’s not somewhere else at a better price. Thinking similarly to the map idea they have cufflinkswith the coordinates of any memorable occasion also. Two very different prices, similar ideas and worth a look into. A way to make a gift really personal is to have it engraved. This place stocks iPadcovers or Whiskey Glasseswhere you can get your loved ones initials engraved. That’s a class act. Oh, and did you know that Country Road has a ‘Make it Personal’ page. Click on your item and then type the name you want engraved on your gift of choice. (If I have to write the word Engrave one more time…) where was I… Yes, and they have really nice toiletry bags that could be the perfect gift. 

Sneaky shopping that is super affordable yet comes across as ‘oh these must of cost you a fortune’ can be a good thing. It’s always nice to find a bargain and claim it but then again, isn’t there something sleek and exciting about finding a bargain that looks like you spent a fortune? Or am I on my own here? Maybe this shows you how exciting my life can be! Ha 🙂 I just totally went on a tangent, where was I, oh, pyjamas, and not just any pyjamas, 

Peter AlexanderPyjamas. I love buying these for James and they have sale items all the time. The quality is great and they are super comfy. Do yourself or your man a favour and buy some of these! Make it a little tradition, you won’t be sorry!

Another item I just bought James was a Round Ice Cube Tray. I went over to eBay and grabbed a bargain from them. Less than ten dollars! I was cheering! They really are the James Bond kind of look. And make any dinner party look all the more sophisticated with the details.

I’m a big fan of getting your man in the kitchen to help out and get along side all the deliciousness of food. Sooooo, why not a cookbook? and specifically I’m talking Jamie Oliver’s new Italian cookbookGive him something you can all benefit from 😏 get him in the kitchen trying new things or if you like to cook get him to mark what recipes he would like you to cook for him. Ha! I remember James doing this when we first got married. He would go through my cookbooks leaving sticky notes as to what he wanted to try. I still haven’t gone through them all. 

Something a little deeper and in need of our daily lives in our family is the Bible. I’m going to promote one today that works beautifully for James. I’ve never been a person who writes notes all over her Bible, I wish I was. Anyway, James is someone who writes all over his. I found the ESV Biblehas a journaling part with plenty of space for the reader to make notes, draw or sketch their thoughts and prayers to God. I just love this. 

Common gifts are great, there’s nothing wrong with them. Deals on drills and screwdrivers, I know they are around everywhere and people can be very particular about the brand they are after so I won’t post anything on them this time.  Back to those undies I was talking about earlier. Catch of the Day sells them online all the time AND a little fancier with good old Tommy Hilfiger check them out. Anyone who knows James knows he’s a socks and ties man. Sprezzais a really fun way of gifting your loved one with exactly this. For $36 a month you get 5-6 items chosen by stylists such as socks, ties, tie clips, cufflinks, sunglasses, corkscrews, a cigar cutter, a pocket flask… their ideas are endless and it really is my NUMBER 1 giftto give! A little of everything.  And this month in honour of Fathers Day they are giving away two of these gift boxes for the price of one. I say get your hot little hands on this gift idea!

James at the Sydney International Shooting Range. Watching our Dad’s shoot it out… he’s not nervous, much… ha!

Now, from past experience. The best Father’s Day gifts I can recommend was the Shooting Range. A few years ago we gifted our Father’s a voucher to come in and then take some practice at a range that’s situated on 80 hectares of semi-rural bushland at Cecil Park and it was brilliant. Great quality time. Another few outings we planned were Segways. Wow!!!! They are a blast. I was able to get myself a ticket to join the dads on this one. Oh, and one last gift I’ve given over the years, how could I forget the Go Kartracing out at Minto. Noah and I watched James and the dads race it out. It is something I really want to try myself. Maybe my mother’s day gift next year?? I might get James to read this post after Father’s Day.

And then there’s the traditional making gifts, the cards, baking, breakfasts and a favourite of ours is a book about Daddy every year. We buy one from anywhere. At the moment they have them for sale at AldiBig Wand Target. They have some great little reads for the kids to give to your favourite men. Making time together is your number one priority.

I think it’s really important to include something on Father’s Day where the kids can do something with dad. An activity like bike riding, rock climbing, putt putt or even just a picnic. Do what you love to do as a family. And make it your own, a tradition and memorable.

Happy Father’s Day to all the men who mean the world to us!

Jennifer X

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