To My Aquila Jael, On Your 3rd Birthday

Dear Aquila Jael,

You’re 3 Today! It’s the day we celebrate you. I know you’re celebrated in our home everyday… but today, today we cheer a little louder, squeeze you a little bit tighter and marvel in your growing in a deeper way.

Peacefully you came into the world. Through longing and fasting. You no doubt have your place in our family. 

With your hair thick and black as a raven. It really is your crowning glory. You were born with porcelain skin and little red lips, you were a wonder to behold our eyes. 

You’ve been counting down the days when we can all sing to you and give you ‘a mermaid doll, a ballerina doll and a purple cake.’ 

This year we’ve seen you begin dance class on your own. What a brave little girl you are. You look up to Scarlet so very much and copy all she does. If Scarlet is wearing it or doing it then you are too. ‘Me too peas mummy, me too.’

‘Daddy and Noah is strong and haaamson.’ Noah often pulling you in for a big kiss. And you love it. I see your little smile, I see how you tilt your head for him to cuddle you. Oh, and speaking on cuddles, you’re my girl who must hold Selāh on your lap and kiss her goodnight EVERYTIME she goes to bed! I can’t remember the last time you didn’t do it. 

Aquila you speak beautifully and show a calmness and kindness in your words. I like that. I like that you often stop and think about what you want to say. Finding ways to explain yourself. I also like seeing you play with your friends. Let’s face it wherever you go you think anyone who is within a few metres of you is your friend. May you always see people in this light. With a kindness and understanding. But be on guard also my little love, know that the world is a bad place, life is hard and keep God as your cornerstone.

In fact keep your childlike faith now through to adulthood and you’ll do far greater than I in this life! Oh yes, this I pray. The simple joy you find in praying ‘my turn now, my turn Daddy.’ 

Aquila you love to play chasing sand tickles but MOST OF ALL, you love me to ‘do my hair Elsa hair peas.’ This is your real love… dress ups and make up and hair styles. Flicking your hair and playing hairdressers. Yep, this and baby dolls you could play from sunrise to sunset.

You have a fire, you have passion and drive. Thank you for allowing me to gently steer you in the right direction with it. So you learn how to navigate this life with Jesus at your centre- living out your names meanings being hospitable (and hey you love to throw a tea party) and a warrior for Jesus. And just look at you on Sunday mornings, literally jumping for joy because we get to go to church! Man I want your zeal girl. 

You teach me so much Aquila, you teach me to stop and listen to everything you have to say. And you do enjoy a good chat… all. The. Time! Ha! You teach me to live in the moment. You give me butterflies continuously with your random out of the blue ‘Mummy… I love you so much in your heart.’ I don’t want to correct the way you say it because you made it up that way. And it’s perfect.

And so today it’s all about you, we will talk about the day you were born, you will open your presents and we will sing and cheer to you Aquila. May today be everything you dreamt of. Because you certainly are my dreams that have come true.

I love you my Little White Rose,

Mumma and Daddy xoxoxox

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