To My Dearest Selāh Jennifer, On Your 1st Birthday

To my Darling baby Selāh Jennifer,
Today you turn 1. Your first year has just been but a blink of an eye. And here we are. As you’re napping I sit here in my chair, shaking my head in awe of the wonderment of God and the magnificence of His creation. You!

Time is a thief and yet also what makes the world go round. A good thing. I wish I could experience your first moments with us all over again. The euphoria, the exhilaration and jubilation of your birth moment. Daddy helping to deliver you, holding you in his arms. Your siblings smiling on, touching your little fingers ever so gently. Scarlet and Aquila couldn’t keep their eyes off you or leave my side as Noah was fussing over me.

My goodness, you are born into a good family. Our bond is close and Selāh I’m sure you already feel it. You are very sensitive to who can hold you. Only allowing your family to embrace you and feeling an unease when others offer to do so, resulting in big tears. Don’t worry my child, I’m here. I have you. My arms were made to hold and protect you. That’s what I whisper to you and your siblings ‘you’re mine, you’re my baby, I’m here. I’m your mama.’ You showed us your sensitive side right away. The same day you were born and sleeping we all walked into the room to check on you, chatting away and it startled you. Daddy and I looked at each other slightly concerned. I said ‘oh no, we can’t have that, our fourth baby can’t be sensitive to sound.’ (Can you imagine). And you’ve learnt to sleep through the noise like the others did. But that sensitive side is an attribute to the character God has given you. Yes, we are excited to see you grow (there’s that thing called time again! On my side in this instance). We are excited to see your personality develop. We know you are ours, there is so much of your siblings in you. You, like them begin to commando crawl at 10 months, pop your first tooth around one year and show no signs of walking ha! Thanks honey for making mamas job a breeze! But, you are our smiliest baby, smiling so much at only a few weeks old… or was it just gas? I know the truth. It was your smile. Making us all melt. Your siblings kept saying,  ‘Mum, look, quick mummy, Selāh is smiling.’ ‘Mummy she’s so cute, look at her smile. She knows my voice.’ And you surely do. When they come bustling into your room in the morning, you kick your legs and wave your arms madly in utter delight with a big gummy smile.

Selāh you are your name personified. To Rest. To meditate on the Lord. You are peaceful and soft in nature. You are calm and stillness.
This first year of being your mother is a blessing I’m so unworthy of, a blessing I am grateful to God to call you my own. That He chose me to be your mother. The honour is mine to be called ‘mum, mum, mum!’ I promise I will never grow tired hearing your voice say those words.
The privilege is mine to do life with you.
My wide eyed, beautiful darling dove. My little lambie.
And don’t you ever forget my daughter, though I whisper ‘you’re mine’ words to you. God has you first. God loves you infinitely more, You are God’s.
For He says to you Selāh Jennifer ‘you’re mine, you’re my baby, I’m here. I’m your Heavenly Father.’

‘Hush now, my baby
Be still love, don’t cry.
Sleep like you’re rocked by the stream.
Sleep and remember
my lullaby.
And I’ll be with you when you dream.
Drift on a river
that flows through my arms.
Drift as I’m singing to you.
I see you smiling
so peaceful and calm.
And holding you, I’m smiling too.
Here in my arms
safe from all harm.
Holding you, I’m smiling too.
Hush now, my baby
Be still love, don’t cry.
Sleep like you’re rocked by the stream.
Come and deliver us to.
And I’ll be with you when you dream.
I’ll be with you when you dream.’
{River Lullaby} – Ofra Haza and Eden Riegel

Your lullaby I have sung to you since you were born. It’s your song, the song you drift off to sleep to. ‘Deliver us to’ is a future promise. Your future is strong in the Lord. A poised leader. You will be many things in this life, but your success will only come with the Lord by your side. May you live your life walking with Jesus.

Happy 1st Birthday my perfect little Darling Dove.

Love mama and daddy xxxxxx

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