Happy 2nd Birthday Selāh

SELĀH IS 2! Happy Birthday to our Beautiful Baby Girl!

You came into the world in such a extravagant way! Showing us all how to enter a room. And since then you light up every room you enter. We all stop to watch your comings. We laugh at your funny facials and run to you when your big eyes well up with tears. “Woawah” (Noah) is always at your beckon call. Scarlet tries to carry you everywhere and Aquila loves to mother you and make sure you have everything you need. Now, you are a big sister. Asking to hold Abi multiple times a day. It’s just toooo much how you refer to EVERY SINGLE doll in our home as “Abi.” 🥰

You love all types of birds, calling them all “beep beep” and you love books. If you can get any of us to read to you makes you so very happy.

You are treasured in our family. You hold a very special place in our hearts. Your name meaning to rest and meditate on the Lord, has shown itself in your nature. Selāh you are an excellent sleeper. You love to snuggle in my arms. You adore daddy’s cuddles and you have always been our happiest and cuddliest baby. Thank you for that. For intentionally hugging us each so tight. For patting our backs when we cry and for screaming ‘yay’ to all the good things your siblings achieve. I will never forget when you saw your sisters on stage dancing… hundreds of people at the venue and you screaming out “hey! Hey!” In pure excitement! Selāh though you may be little, you are fierce. You have the loudest voice in our household!! When you call out, we listen.

Oh, My Darling Dove… grow this year, grow in strength and beauty. Grow in your understanding of Jesus and all He is. May He be the biggest constant in your life. Grow in your character, your kindness, your ability to give to your siblings and all you encounter. Grow in grace. May you be everything God has planned and ordained for your life. I promise my girl to walk beside you, pray for you and guide you as you grow. I will be your biggest fan, strongest supporter and cheer for you and everything you achieve. Strive and dream big baby girl. We will carry you as far as we can, protect you with every part of our beings and ask the Spirit to cover you always.

You have our hearts forever.

Thank you Jesus for Selāh Jennifer.

Our Darling Dove.

Mama and Daddy xoxox

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