To The Mother Who…

To the mother who’s up late at night on shift work or housework for her family.

I see you.

To the mother who gives up her needs and desires and puts her children’s first.

I know.

To the mother trying to pay her bills, overwhelmed by the future.

You’re not alone.

To the mother in the wee hours of the morning, sewing costumes, packing lunches, washing and ironing clothes.

I understand.

To the mother who gets up early and makes her family breakfast. Nourishing their bellies.

I applaud you.

To the mother who attends every sporting match, is the loudest cheerer, the biggest supporter, the proudest smile.

I can tell.

To the mother who has sipped countless cups of tea, playing make believe, kicking soccer balls and making cubby houses.

I am proud of you.

To the mother who falls to the floor and picks up their child when they are hurt. Who kisses away every tear, who patches the scrapes and cuts. Who holds their precious child in their arms until that child finds peace. 

I know.

To the mother giving wisdom, sharing her knowledge and faithful advice to her children.

I’m encouraged by you.

To the mother balancing work, homeschooling and motherhood.

I care.

To the single mother who does all this on her own, giving of herself in ALL she does as a mother not just to her own children but to many.

I’m here.

To the mothers who are still trying to conceive, longing to hold a baby of their own. 

I hear your cry’s. 

To the mothers who have lost a precious babe. Who’s heart breaks to hold their little one just one more time.

I feel the ache in your heart and arms. 

To all mothers who give with every fiber of their being, for their family. And do it with grace and gentleness every single day.

I rise and call you blessed,

Happy Mother’s Day.

Jennifer X

For Simone, my friend.

The Wife of Noble Character

10 A wife of noble character who can find?
    She is worth far more than rubies.
11 Her husband has full confidence in her
    and lacks nothing of value.
12 She brings him good, not harm,
    all the days of her life.
13 She selects wool and flax
    and works with eager hands.
14 She is like the merchant ships,
    bringing her food from afar.
15 She gets up while it is still night;
    she provides food for her family
    and portions for her female servants.
16 She considers a field and buys it;
    out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.
17 She sets about her work vigorously;
    her arms are strong for her tasks.

18 She sees that her trading is profitable,
    and her lamp does not go out at night.
19 In her hand she holds the distaff
    and grasps the spindle with her fingers.
20 She opens her arms to the poor
    and extends her hands to the needy.
21 When it snows, she has no fear for her household;
    for all of them are clothed in scarlet.
22 She makes coverings for her bed;
    she is clothed in fine linen and purple.
23 Her husband is respected at the city gate,
    where he takes his seat among the elders of the land.
24 She makes linen garments and sells them,
    and supplies the merchants with sashes.
25 She is clothed with strength and dignity;
    she can laugh at the days to come.
26 She speaks with wisdom,
    and faithful instruction is on her tongue.
27 She watches over the affairs of her household
    and does not eat the bread of idleness.
28 Her children arise and call her blessed;
    her husband also, and he praises her:
29 “Many women do noble things,
    but you surpass them all.”
30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
    but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
31 Honor her for all that her hands have done,
    and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.

To My Dearest Selāh Jennifer, On Your 1st Birthday

To my Darling baby Selāh Jennifer,
Today you turn 1. Your first year has just been but a blink of an eye. And here we are. As you’re napping I sit here in my chair, shaking my head in awe of the wonderment of God and the magnificence of His creation. You!

Time is a thief and yet also what makes the world go round. A good thing. I wish I could experience your first moments with us all over again. The euphoria, the exhilaration and jubilation of your birth moment. Daddy helping to deliver you, holding you in his arms. Your siblings smiling on, touching your little fingers ever so gently. Scarlet and Aquila couldn’t keep their eyes off you or leave my side as Noah was fussing over me.

My goodness, you are born into a good family. Our bond is close and Selāh I’m sure you already feel it. You are very sensitive to who can hold you. Only allowing your family to embrace you and feeling an unease when others offer to do so, resulting in big tears. Don’t worry my child, I’m here. I have you. My arms were made to hold and protect you. That’s what I whisper to you and your siblings ‘you’re mine, you’re my baby, I’m here. I’m your mama.’ You showed us your sensitive side right away. The same day you were born and sleeping we all walked into the room to check on you, chatting away and it startled you. Daddy and I looked at each other slightly concerned. I said ‘oh no, we can’t have that, our fourth baby can’t be sensitive to sound.’ (Can you imagine). And you’ve learnt to sleep through the noise like the others did. But that sensitive side is an attribute to the character God has given you. Yes, we are excited to see you grow (there’s that thing called time again! On my side in this instance). We are excited to see your personality develop. We know you are ours, there is so much of your siblings in you. You, like them begin to commando crawl at 10 months, pop your first tooth around one year and show no signs of walking ha! Thanks honey for making mamas job a breeze! But, you are our smiliest baby, smiling so much at only a few weeks old… or was it just gas? I know the truth. It was your smile. Making us all melt. Your siblings kept saying,  ‘Mum, look, quick mummy, Selāh is smiling.’ ‘Mummy she’s so cute, look at her smile. She knows my voice.’ And you surely do. When they come bustling into your room in the morning, you kick your legs and wave your arms madly in utter delight with a big gummy smile.

Selāh you are your name personified. To Rest. To meditate on the Lord. You are peaceful and soft in nature. You are calm and stillness.
This first year of being your mother is a blessing I’m so unworthy of, a blessing I am grateful to God to call you my own. That He chose me to be your mother. The honour is mine to be called ‘mum, mum, mum!’ I promise I will never grow tired hearing your voice say those words.
The privilege is mine to do life with you.
My wide eyed, beautiful darling dove. My little lambie.
And don’t you ever forget my daughter, though I whisper ‘you’re mine’ words to you. God has you first. God loves you infinitely more, You are God’s.
For He says to you Selāh Jennifer ‘you’re mine, you’re my baby, I’m here. I’m your Heavenly Father.’

‘Hush now, my baby
Be still love, don’t cry.
Sleep like you’re rocked by the stream.
Sleep and remember
my lullaby.
And I’ll be with you when you dream.
Drift on a river
that flows through my arms.
Drift as I’m singing to you.
I see you smiling
so peaceful and calm.
And holding you, I’m smiling too.
Here in my arms
safe from all harm.
Holding you, I’m smiling too.
Hush now, my baby
Be still love, don’t cry.
Sleep like you’re rocked by the stream.
Come and deliver us to.
And I’ll be with you when you dream.
I’ll be with you when you dream.’
{River Lullaby} – Ofra Haza and Eden Riegel

Your lullaby I have sung to you since you were born. It’s your song, the song you drift off to sleep to. ‘Deliver us to’ is a future promise. Your future is strong in the Lord. A poised leader. You will be many things in this life, but your success will only come with the Lord by your side. May you live your life walking with Jesus.

Happy 1st Birthday my perfect little Darling Dove.

Love mama and daddy xxxxxx

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Five Ways To Entertain Your Kids Whilst Breastfeeding

If you’re pregnant and have other children, or a homeschooling mama or just juggling life with many little people I want to give you some helpful ways to tackle keeping your children ‘entertained’ whilst breastfeeding/schooling. 

Now, depending on your children’s age you may not need to worry. If they can read and write you can simply set them up with a task or the special job of reading/playing with their younger siblings. Make this title very important and allow your older children to feel valued and trusted for this task. Also, explain (over time leading up to and when the new routine has been set up) to the younger ones how much their older brother and sister love them and they are here during this set time of day to help and care for them. Explain clearly and without too many sentences (if younger) what you expect. Section off a room, even place a gate onto a doorway so the children cannot get up to mischief during that time. 

Righteo- Touching on the above step… Children cannot succeed in accomplishing correct behaviours if you aren’t first demonstrating them and reiterating what you would like them to do. Starting at a very young age is a wonderful time! Small, easy tasks to help with family life. You may not have older siblings to help out. I will say this, EXPLAIN WHAT YOU EXPECT FROM YOUR TODDLER VERY CLEARLY AND SIMPLY.

This needs to happen during your pregnancy, through all the excited, positive chats about how much baby will love them, how much you need their help, how much your child will love and be gentle toward their new baby sibling… through all these chats you then need to begin stating what you expect. Ask your child for ideas of what to do during this time so they feel like they have created their own routine in a way. The key is always keeping them involved.

When mummy feeds her baby what can you do during that time? 

What’s something special you would like to do whilst mummy is nursing?

New Beginnings Before New Baby has Even Arrived: It’s helpful to show your toddler/children photos of when they were breastfed. It’s a very special bond and a time where baby gets all their nutrients to make them strong and healthy. Explain, baby will need to drink lots of milk. 

Idea 1: Nursing when mummy is doing so. This could be with a bottle or even a baby station, bathing , dressing, putting into bed. Creating their own routine.

Idea 2:Special books that only come out for this time.

Idea 3:Play Doh and Stickers in a book. Kids love playing with stickers.

Idea 4:Lego/Duplo 

Idea 5:Fine Motor Skill Activities. For eg: Wooden Threading SetShark biteand Crafting Sets 

Don’t be afraid to put their favourite show on once in a while or to cut mummy guilt, try a children’s documentary. So many right now on Netflix. We love anything with animals and the planet… oh, and under the ocean! Click herefor ideas.

Note:You have the advantage here mama to slow your children into a new routine… disclaimer, newborns don’t need absolute silence to feed. They will not become distracted and come off your breast. So, this transition can begin with your children sitting next to you doing their thing. Slowly as baby grows you might move closer to another room, then the new room with the door open… etc. 




Outdoor play (until they are older)

Objects they are not allowed to touch within close reach.

Oh mama, I’m laughing out loud at these ones…. I can imagine what you would be walking out to…. You can thank me later.

Happy Nursing!

Jennifer X

Dear Noah, On Your 7th Birthday

Dear Noah James,

When you were born I imagined what you would look like as a boy. What you would love. Would you be a dreamer or thinker, a creative or intellect. It’s been nothing but a pleasure sitting back and watching the way God has created you to be. I have enjoyed watching your love of drawing and sport strengthen. You’ll find any scrap pieces of paper lying around when we are all out just to draw something you have in your mind or something you’ve seen. This year has been soooo much fun watching you create your own movies using the iPhone. 

Noah thank you for making me a mother. Thank you for fulfilling my life long dream. You are my son, my first born. I’m eternally grateful to God for the role He has bestowed upon me. I enjoy chatting with you. You love a good snuggle and chat with me. I love how gentle and respectful you are to your little sisters. Your patience with them, when they ask you to help them is something to marvel at, learn from really. You always have time for them. Something I really really enjoy is when daddy gets home you can play a lot rougher. And the martial arts kicks in and the imagination runs wild… from Star Wars to dungeons and dragons you and dad are rumbling and tumbling. I love watching this.

Noah you are a very honest child and look for the good in everyone. If anyone is unkind to you, you will always excuse their behaviour to me. My son, you are a far better young man than I am woman. I pray it remains that way. I pray your friendships are true and loyal. I pray your heart is guarded because you love deeply. Let your sensitivity serve to your strength. Understanding how others feel. I pray for your life, may the Lord bless everything you touch. May He bless your hands as you work hard for Him alone. Noah we pray this year you will grow in your faith and knowledge of God. Nothing has brought me more joy as a mother than when I catch you on your knees praying to your King at the foot of your bed (literally). What this does for my mother’s heart. All I can do is raise my arms and thank God for His great love and kindness. You are a leader, you don’t run with the pack. I like this about you. It’s a strong asset to have. You give me a reason to live, to be a better person and to work so hard at loving you and training you to be the best man, husband, father, friend and Christian you can be. 

Stay close to God never stop loving Him, walk with the Lord just like Noah did in the Old Testament. Stand for what is right and true. 

And my boy, my champion know this, I would give my life for you over and over again. (And your sisters).You are our morning joy and evening delight. 

Here’s to turning 7 under the protection of the mighty King of Kings.

My little warrior. 

Depths of love,

Mama and Daddy. X

(Photos are the past year 2018).

Scarlet Jeans Dedication and 1st Birthday

In honour of Scarlet’s 5th Birthday coming up I thought I would share her dedication with you. For as long as I can remember I have always loved the name Scarlet. I dreamt of having a daughter and what it would be like. And sure enough the Lord has been kind and granted me three daughters to date (and one wonderful son). 

Scarlet is the name we chose for our first daughter. In Exodus 28:5 the colour was used in creating the tabernacle. The name was a royal colour of God. It was used to display royalty. My girl is definitely a princess of the most high God. Her middle name is Jean, named after my middle name. Meaning ‘God is Gracious.’

So in going with her colour scheme and having 100 friends and family attend on a budget we began by buying white material from a small material shop in Marrickville. Don’t ask me where… it was five years ago and I have no idea. This material was to dress the long tables and to hopefully use at other events we might be hosting. I then went into bunnings and bought rolls of hessian to cut as the table runners. Leaving me with just one last thing to set on the tables, it was a little boring after Noah had the cool wooden boats and life savers scattered. A few days before the dedication we went to the local markets and bought a heap of large apples. They were scattered evenly along the tables, giving that extra pop of red we were after and something the guests could eat! Win win!

We sent out Scarlet’s invitations hot glued to some hessian to tie it in with her party and of course sealed with a Red Bow. I was and still am in love with these invites. No one knew but just a little detail I loved was my brother used the same font from our names in our wedding invitations to write Scarlet’s name in her invites. I love details like this. 

Scarlet’s Invitations

Another one I cannot pass is I had the same dress maker who made my wedding gown make me a dress for the dedication. Using linen and lace from Paris, made in the 1950’s!! What!!! Seriously, I know. We cut enough of these materials to have my girlfriend make Scarlet’s outfit to match mine! And to finish off her romper I gave her my ribbon I used to wrap my bouquet in. Stephanie delicately placed it around the collar of Scarlet’s romper, wrapping it around the back to create a beautiful bow. I mean, really!!! Whoa!!

Back to our day. Because we like to have our children’s dedications as a small service we again provided a simple order of service.  My cutlery, ribbons, pom pom decorations were all bought on Ebay. Seeing that Scarlet is a December baby (Christmas) it was super easy to find red baskets and bits and pieces from cheap craft shops.

We had a kids candy table again. I used jars from our wedding and wrote exactly what was there to make it easy for parents to make a decision on what their children were allowed to have. Also!! So important, we had a very simple lunch menu for the kids. American hot Dogs, served with Ketchup and Cheddar Cheese. This was brilliant for everyone. No wasted adult food that way. After the service, James and I popped into the kitchen and began the process of bringing out all the food. Look closely at the menu James made… AMAZING!! So while we set out the prawns, salads and a WHOPPING 14 Frittatas (I’m serious, I made them all and we didn’t eat Frittata for about 2 years after this party! haha!)

I had a beautiful grazing table set up for the guests to enjoy. Only regret, not getting a photo of the set up complete. However, I’m sure you get the gist with the photos I have.
To make things as simple and flowing as possible I had 5 drinks on tap. Watermelon Water, punch, Lemon Lime and Bitters and Peach Iced Tea. Simple and easy to refill. I kept an esky close by so James and myself could refill.

Who could resist a beautiful Red Velvet Cake layered with Cream Cheese Frosting for anyone by the name of Scarlet. It’s as if this cake was created for her. Simple and exactly what I wanted.

The sermon was lead by our wonderful pastor Dean. He is the Pastor at The Refuge. A wonderful man of God. James’ parents dedicated our girl and prayed for her. 

Like any event, I’ll say it again, be prepared and you will not stress! I promise you this. James and I booked the hall knowing no one was using it the day before. This gave us ample time to set up everything!! And on the day you have plenty of love and support from friends and family with the pack up… especially after being fed some good grub ha!

I planned this day from the day (yep!) Scarlet was born. I had a vision on how I wanted to celebrate my baby’s Dedication and 1st Birthday. The day was beautiful from beginning to end. We could truly feel the Spirit of the Lord with us as we glorified Him and gave our precious daughter into His keeping. 

On the back of Scarlet’s order of service we had a quote, a prophecy over her life rather. From a lovely friend. 

‘Scarlet the best colour of the best wine the Lord gave miraculously at the wedding in Cana. May she be God’s finest vintage, an embarrassment of riches.’Mark Crean.

Jennifer X

Fresh Prawns and House Made Frittatas.

My Tips For Family Photos

Noah’s First Christmas. 6 Days Old

Whether you’ve hired a photographer or using your own camera or trusty iPhone (we all do most of the time) family photos can be daunting. BUT, if you come at it in a positive way and only spend a good 15-20 minutes taking photos that is more than you’ll ever need or want. The trick for children is to take these photos fast and with excitement. Let your children know they are doing a brilliant job. We take Christmas photos every year. We do it ourselves and no doubt they are far from professional – however we always get what we are after. The look, the style, the idea. Here’s my top tips for a relaxed and fun photo session no matter the occasion.

Matching Pyjamas from The Gap

BE PREPARED!! You must! No use turning up to a place and then deciding it’s not the right location, drive around then once finally decided on a place take another half an hour to set up and make everyone look good. The children will be over it before the camera has even made an appearance.

  • Find location
  • One parent maybe go ahead and set up while the other is calmly getting kids ready or giving them some morning tea (do not have them eat with their ‘photography’ clothes on).
  • Pack comfy clothes to change into afterwards and yummy snacks
  • Make an outing out of it…. This year we took the Christmas photo at the beach and then after changing the children we continued on for a picnic and swim

Talk about the photos for a few days leading up. In a very happy, positive manner. Get the kids on board!

Chat about what each of them will be wearing, try the clothes on first, you don’t want any wardrobe malfunctions. Hang them in a special place so the children see how special these photos will be.

If they are old enough to understand explain to them in a drawing or photo what type of photo you are wanting this year.

Make a big deal about how lovely they look! Once ready for the photos spoil them will words of love and encouragement. 

Show them exactly where to look in the camera… make sure you do this before the ‘photo day’. Have some practice shots.

Aquila’s First Christmas

Make sure you get the children to look at particular objects to get the right angle.

Have Fun, candid shots are best and having fun will do this for you!

REWARD Your children for their wonderful efforts. Explain before you go that if they work hard, listen and do the right things they will be rewarded… any way you like. For us it was a picnic followed by slurpees!! Oh yeah!!

And stay relaxed folks! Keep happy and enjoy this time. They are little for only a short time, take in every moment with them.

Happy Snapping!

Our Christmas Photo 2017

Jennifer X

Christmas Traditions

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s it folks, Christmas. What better way to celebrate than planning some family traditions for the season. My kids absolutely love everything we do in the lead up. As their mother all I want to do is create magical moments and watch their little faces light up. Traditionally our first activity was to put our tree up on the first of December, however with two Christmas babies we felt it would be easier to put the tree up in November, ultimately enjoying it longer.

Here are the top things we like to do over the holiday. We tend to do a 12 Days of Christmas type thing. Feel free to take any of these suggestions or find something that is your very own… and mark it as something you do each year.

Oh, and on the 1st day of December we gift the children Christmas pajamas and a Chocolate advent calendar. With this, also a new Christmas story book to add to our growing collection.

Our top 12 are in any order. I pick what we are going to do depending on the day ahead. For instance on Scarlet or Noah’s birthday we are super busy celebrating them so it might be an easy activity like donate a toy to those in need.

  1. Christmas crafting whilst listening to Christmas carols.
  2. Watch a Christmas movie
  3. Drive around and look at Christmas lights
  4. Buy a toy each from Kmart to donate to those less fortunate
  5. Go to some Christmas Carols
  6. Build a Gingerbread house
  7. Take a creative (thanks Pinterest) Christmas photo of the kids for our Christmas card
  8. Make Eggnog
  9. Get our baking on to give as gifts to friends and teachers
  10. Family Christmas games night!!! My kids LOVE LOVE THIS!!
    • Pin the red nose on Rudolph, Roll the dice to create a snowman… first to make the snowman wins! 
    • Mum and dad create Christmas trees out of the kids, we wrap them in ribbons etc and judge who did the best job. 
    • Scoop the candy canes up with one in your mouth, having to hook the remaining in 30 seconds! There are so many fun ideas!! 
  11. Read the Christmas story every day from the 1st of December

   12. Have a special family meal, devotions and watch the carols on television 

Well that’s our list that we do every year. I’m always keen to change things around or add something in. In the future when my children are older I want to take them to a soup kitchen to serve others in need. Each season has something different as a family. Make it a special one friends.

I would love to hear what your family traditions are?

Jennifer X

Medieval Fiare

Do you like to put outing’s in your calendar early? Maybe set a reminder when an upcoming event is on? I have something for the whole family… You MUST save this one! Really! I’m serious. St. Ives Medieval Faire is an outing not to miss. I was following this fair on Instagram about a year ago so I would be able to purchase the tickets and not forget.

As we approached the grounds we saw the lineup of cars parked kilometres away! Our conversation went along the lines of the SAME discussion we’ve had in Australia, Europe and America when we travel. James stating we will have to park miles away and walk with a pram and carry a child or two. Then I reply with ‘ just drive up to the car park and see, everyone else is probably thinking and doing what you’ve just said…’ and I kid you not…. Success (so far) every time! WOO HOO! 

After we parked (in the carpark haha!) James loaded the babes into the pram and gave them some morning tea, I breast fed Selah and we watched the crowds stroll in, in full costume.  The background sounds were trumpeters, adding to the royal feel. We were getting really excited right about now. 

When we entered the park we were met with the same trumpeters and a castle entry way. 

We walked through the makeshift drawbridge and what felt like a walk back in time. Immediately we could smell wood burning in fires around the park. At first I thought they did it purely to add to the ‘vibe’. Surprisingly as we walked on we discovered the actors slept in the venue for a few nights. In their very own fifteenth century tents and housing. They cooked all their own meals over the fire. And THAT’S WHERE THE SMELL WAS COMING FROM! 

I actually couldn’t believe my eyes, as we walked up and down the fair grounds there were viking tents and small wooden homes created to look identical to the ones from the middle ages. I kept saying to James that I felt we were on the set of a movie.

Wondering around, I was lost in the tapestry, leather printing, cannons being fired and weaponry. One of my favourite moments from the day was watching the actors line up for a typical Medieval Lunch of ham, bread, strawberry salad and fruit. I was clearly salivating at this point. If you book early, there is an option to add on a real treat which is the king’s banquet. They serve up a suckling pig and many sides, wine, beer and ale. This is something we would like to try in the future. It then becomes a VIP pass, getting you into the prime position to also watch the jousting, birds of prey and knights battle it out on the field.

It’s pretty obvious that this day is HUGE! You definitely get what you’re paying for. The shows to watch, things to participate in impressed us. The fair really is aimed for everyone! A whole tent of crafts for the kids, petting zoo, Unicorn photos, a small gymnastics tent run by instructors, puppet shows, a circus tent and a wide variety of delicious foods and ale you can all enjoy. 

Every corner we turned we could hear the choirs singing, drums playing and lectures on fighting and knights. To make it easier, clickhereto see the program we had for this year. 

Told you didn’t I! It’s very impressive! 

So go mark this outing in the calendar and prepare the family for a brilliant day out.

Jennifer X

Summer Bucket List 2018

Something you may not know about me, Summer is my favourite season. You can do so much outdoors! I have compiled our top list of things to do for the Summer and we are going to check it off as we go. Why not write it your own list on cardboard and get the kids to tick it off once done! It’s a lot of fun.

James, Noah and Scarlet on the Tea Cup ride
  • Go to the Beach. That’s a given isn’t it. I don’t know about you but for us we go nowhere near the ocean in winter (this mama gets way too cold!) and we count down the months until we can return!!
  • Plant a Veggie/herb garden. It doesn’t matter where you live, any old pot will do. We have a small backyard and we make it work. This is a project that everyone will love and be involved in the process.
  • Underwater photos!! Man we haven’t done this one yet. I would love to do it.
  • Fly a Kite. You know I never see anyone do this anymore. But we do and love it.
  • Family game night. In any season this will be on my bucket list. A family who plays board games together… stays together. Ha!
  • Backyard Camping. Or you might be a camping expert, whatever you are. Kids love camping. Make a memory out of it for sure! 
  • Star Gaze. We do this quite a lot. So much fun. Download the app to find the different stars and constellations. It’s so fascinating. 
  • Fruit Picking. Again you can do this in any season, but for our family summer is best. We’ve been picking since Noah was a toddler. It’s a blast. Our favourite place to pick is at Bilpin.
  • Jenolan Caves. Which are situated so close enough to Bilpin. Make a weekend out of it. We have been busting to get to the caves and have a look at their beauty.
  • Have a Picnic! Always!
  • Try a new Sport. We are. Noah will begin Baseball. My two eldest will try out Horse Riding for a term. Gosh I love Summer!
  • Cook. Try new dishes. Cook together. Use your BBQ, Spit or Pizza Oven often!
  • Water Gun Fight/Water Balloons. I mean, come on. You’ll be heralded as the GREATEST PARENT!
  • Bike Ride. Google your local area to find some great tracks.
  • Play Frisbee. Are your kids as obsessed with the game as much as mine? You need to try this out!
  • Visit the Zoo. Why not? Perfect weather for it.
  • Donate toys to the poor. We do this over Christmas. Though I thought it might be something I’ll add here so you can think about how you might be able to do this. What a lesson to teach your children.
  • BonFire, Roast Marshmallows. Everyone loves a good BonFire and sing along. 
  • Visit your nearby City. And if you time it right you might be able to watch the fireworks too!
  • Run through the sprinklers.
  • Farmers Market. Get the family to discover a love of healthy, organic food.
  • Go on a Road Trip. This one is great if you’re prepared. Games for the car and good conversation starters.
  • Have Ice cream for Dinner. I’ll just leave this here!
  • Make your own Popsicles.
  • Make Lemonade. I added this one because Noah has this idea where he wants to make a stand and sell Lemonade over the summer. Last weekend at my dad’s farm he picked a HEAP of lemons… *stay tuned*

I hope this gives you some fun ideas to do as a family or even with your friends. Here’s to a wonderful summer. Filled with lasting memories with your little people

I hope this gives you some fun ideas to do as a family or even with your friends. Here’s to a wonderful summer. Filled with lasting memories with your little people!

Bilpin Orchids. The kids loved Picking fresh fruit.

Jennifer X

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Anyone can homeschool. I will say it again, ANYONE can homeschool. If you’re thinking about it at all take a look at my previous blogpost on ‘Why we Homeschool.’ Please don’t let it scare you. There are so many forums you can approach for support and help and guidance.  On here I’m going to give you my run down on ways to help you through your subjects. There are a few different ways of homeschooling. You can go with distance education. It’s all ready for you and your child. You only need to register. However, research first because some states vary with their policies. You could always buy your own syllabus. I highly recommend Sonlight. Or you can bite the bullet, and enjoy the fun of creating your own!

If you find yourself reading this friend and you are a little unsure, pop me through a message. We can work on it together. 

Right, the first thing you want to do is get familiar with NESA’s outlines. Click hereand it will take you to the Syllabus of each stage. Or simply google ‘NESA (insert the stage your child is at)’ and presto you are there. 

Once you are on the page… BREATH… don’t freak out. Click on the Outcomes and Content sections. Read through and RELAX knowing, you DO NOT have to meet every single criteria within a year! Take your time and go through and pick out each term what you want to work on. Naturally English and Mathematics will be repetitive. 

For an idea on how to set out each subject I have included my word doc program. Click hereto get your own copy already for you to create with. 

Ok, so these are the resources I use for Noah and Scarlet. (Remembering I am working with infant schooling/junior school). 

Devotional – We begin our day with a devotional. I use one for Noah and a seperate one for Scarlet. You don’t have to. I just really liked both of these. And they don’t mind hearing each others devotionals also. 

Phonics Cards – Mine are really old but I found some brilliant ones right here.

Handwriting – Click here for the link. 

Creative Writing – This book is Brilliant!! If you haven’t heard of Usborne books, you need to get onto it! This book is filled with animation and glorious ideas for children to dream and use their imaginations. Check it out here.

Maths Text Book – I have a wonderful friend who recommended this book to me. It’s engaging, colourful and gives the student creative ways to enjoy their maths learning process. Make sure you order the right book in the series! Here’s the link.

Times Tables – Get anything that works for you. Charts for the wall, hand cards. But it’s needed! Add it to your MUST BUY LIST!

Clocks – Another essential!

Abacus – You will soon learn, your little student needs something to count with. And marbles just don’t cut it (trust me, they end up everywhere!!). 

Extra Books For Extension English and Math

Look at your local Newsagency or bookstores for any fun books. We love ‘School Zone’. Aldi and your local bookstores have so many learning books on sale all the time. Keep your eyes open!

Ok, now for Geography, History, Science and Spelling words…. Here’s my most used word on my Blog… PINTERST!!! What would I do without pinterest?! It has it ALL. Even some sites you pay a small fee but they will have a whole booklet ready for you to work through with your child. For instance, we are about to look at the life of a plant. On Pinterest they have an endless supply of booklets and worksheets on this subject. For FREE!!! Reader you need to work out what you are going to teach for the term. Set it out, then go to your library and use the internet to get your worksheets/booklets together. Sometimes Pinterest doesn’t have what you’re looking for. Noah and Scarlet are in junior school, so there isn’t anything out there for their age group on Medieval times, the History of our Country and the way of Life for Aboriginals (we looked at all these topics this year) so I created very general work sheets that had headings such as:

Medieval Times


Patriarcal Status:

Way of Life:

Life of a Knight:

How Kings Lived:


It’s that simple. These titles were over a few pages with plenty of space to draw and colour in also.

Finally you need to understand that many of your outcomes are going to overlap. As a guide let me explain further, for example your child’s creative writing can be about a dragon and knight, which is part of History and touching on some Geography. Why not tie in Europe or specifically targeting a country there. That way you are working on three different contents ticking off each program outcomes as you go in one term!

It really is as simple as that. Why not buy one or two resources and see how you and your child take to it. How they work under your guidance. You never know, you might surprise yourself and actually enjoy the whole process.

Stay positive and I hope you found this read encouraging and helpful.

Free resource websites:

200 Free Kids Educational Resources: Video Lessons, Apps, Books, Websites & More

HEA has free resource page too, quite a long list.!/home

Jennifer X